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For Spring 2021, Math Club is meeting via Zoom. The Zoom link is here:

Math Club meets most Thursdays of the semester at 12:20 pm.

Math Club is open to all undergraduate students in mathematics; students from other programs are also welcome. The goal of the club is to provide a forum for students to meet and discuss issues of common interest, such as careers in mathematics, research, graduate school, academic concerns, internship opportunities, scholarships, special lectures, and summer programs.

The Math Club is very grateful to Professor Willard and Mrs. Jane Miller for their generous donations to promote student activities.

This Week

Date: 03/11/2021

12:20-1:10 pm

Pi Day Activity

My Favorite❤️ or Least Favorite💔 Mathematical Object

For our meeting on March 11th we will be celebrating Pi day by presenting on our favorite or least favorite mathematical objects. These objects could be a theorem, a definition, an equation, a shape, a number, a function, etc. Anything mathematical will do! These presentations should only be about 5 minutes, but it can be a little longer if you would like to present both on a favorite and a least favorite object. These presentations can be as creative or formal as you would like. You could:

· make a one or two slide presentation,

· share a picture,

· make a mood board about your object,

· share a song pertaining to your object,

· draw a doodle about how the object makes you feel (angry, happy, satisfied, etc.);

really anything you would like.

For example, if my favorite mathematical object was a triangle, I could make a formal one or two slide presentation where I write the formal definition of a triangle and provide some interesting facts or theorems pertaining to triangles. Or maybe, I could screen share an image depicting the Pythagorean theorem and explain how the theorem is represented by the picture and what the theorem tell us about right triangles.

Or maybe I don’t feel like talking too much myself so I could share my screen and have everyone watch one of the many songs on Youtube inspired by triangles.

Regardless of why it’s your favorite or least favorite, we’d love to hear about your takes on some interesting (or maybe incredibly boring) mathematical objects! Also, even if you don’t want to share we would still love to see you at math club this Thursday! If you have any other questions feel free to email Meagan Kenney at Happy almost Pi day everyone!