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Math Club meetings have started for Fall 2014. Please join us for seminars and lectures at 12:20 on Thursdays in Vincent Hall 570, and join our Facebook group, UMN Math Club! All majors are welcome to join and attend.

Date: Thursday, November 20
12:20 pm
Vincent Hall 570

Title: Randomized Linear Algebra
Speaker: Alex Gutierrez

Abstract: Classical algorithms for solving problems in linear algebra are often infeasible in the case when the matrices involved are massive. As more and more data becomes available, this has serious consequences for real-world problems. I will talk about the use of randomized algorithms to circumvent this computational bottleneck.
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The Math Club meets most Thursdays of the semester at 12:20 pm in Vincent 570.

The Math Club is open to all undergraduate students in mathematics; students from other programs are also welcome. The goal of the club is to provide a forum for students to meet and discuss issues of common interest, such as careers in mathematics, research, graduate school, academic concerns, internship opportunities, scholarships, special lectures and summer programs.

The Math Club is very grateful to Professor Willard and Mrs. Jane Miller for their generous donations to promote student activities.

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